River pebbles is a natural stone. In the thousands of years, it is experiencing the impact of flash floods, water handling constant pressure, friction and become rounded. The main chemical composition of river pebbles is silicon dioxide, followed by small amounts of iron oxides and trace amounts of manganese, copper, magnesium and other elements. The diameter of pebbles is often in 5-12 cm. However, the larger pebbles are often sorted into river pebbles.

The stones showing shades of ever-changing color is because that the pigment ions dissolved itself with different amount in the hydrothermal silica. River pebbles show a black, white, yellow, red, dark green and other color. The majority river pebbles distribute in the river or sea. It is widely distributed and very common to sea. Its appearance is so ideal for gardens, road construction with stone.

Application of River Pebbles

River pebbles is a kind of hard, wear-resistant silicate minerals with stable chemically. River pebbles own abundant resources and relatively have low acquisition cost and high value. Natural river pebbles can be made into artificial – sand after a series of production and processing like crushing, sand making, screening and so on.

Artificial sand of river pebbles is important industrial mineral raw materials and the quality construction materials. It is widely used in various industries for the production of sand and stone shaping mechanism, for example: water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway, highway, railway, passenger line, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, high-rise buildings. River gravel sand is also widely used as concrete aggregate. In addition, the river pebbles also have very good results when used for sewage purification and architectural decoration.

Quarrying Process Flow of River Pebbles

The process of river pebbles quarrying consists of several different stages. Overall, the stages include the coarse crushing, the secondary crushing and the sand making.

First, the river pebbles were taken into the jaw crusher for coarse broken.

Second, river pebbles after coarse crushing were sent to the cone crusher for a second crushing for fine crushing with a belt conveyor.

Third, the river pebbles after fine crushing were sent into the vibrating screen, and give two stones.

Fourth, the stones meet the sand making feed size can be made for sand.

Fifth, the stones not meet the sand making feed size back feed should into the cone crusher for fine broken.

Sixth, some of these pebbles were made into artificial sand and can be the final product after wash. The others will back to the sand making machine again to make artificial sand.

River Pebbles Sand making machine

Currently, river pebbles have played a huge role in many industries. Extensive use of river pebbles determines the processing method of river pebbles is very rich. How can we maximize the use of river gravel?

The perfect answer is making the river pebbles into artificial sand. The new generation sand making machine of SBM is the leading river pebbles crushing equipment in sand making industry. The B Series Deep Rotor VSI Crusher is a comprehensive upgrade on the original B series vertical shaft impact. Adopting newest design concept and the most advanced processing technology, it owns many independent patent properties and integrates three crushing methods into one.

The B Series Deep Rotor VSI Crusher is made of Hadfield's manganese steel ensuring good abrasion resistance and the optimization designed hammer has high performance. All of this make the machine not only can process the river pebbles into artificial sand, but also can process a set of material such as granite, marble, limestone, quartz stone, river pebbles, iron ore.

River Pebbles Quarrying Production Line

The river pebbles quarrying production line is sand making line for river pebbles. The SBM river pebbles sand making line always consist of jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and some auxiliary equipment such as vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyer and so on. In the production line, river pebbles sand making machine is the core equipment.

According to your different needs, the engineers of SBM will design a customization production line with personalized needs for you.


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