In the current construction industry, in order to promote mobility and uniform mixing of materials, from raw materials to finished products should go through a process of crushing and milling. Hammer crusher is an important equipment for cement production; cement clinker and gypsum mixed with grated become aggregate, higher fineness, surface area increases, which played an extremely important role in the development of large-scale wave in the cement industry.

reversible hammer crusher

As the main building material, cement plays a very important role in the construction of the infrastructure now, here to tell you about reversible hammer crusher how to achieve high yield, low energy consumption in cement production line. As a representative of the heavy hammer to break reversible hammer crusher is widely used in high standard, high-volume cement plant. General hammer crusher annual production of about 100,000 tons is designed to yield 35-45 t / h, assuming work 8-10 hours a day, removing equipment downtime, annual working time of 300 days. Under the same conditions, the yield of reversible hammer crusher will be higher hourly output 50-120t. SBM developed a new hammer crusher for the development prospects of the cement industry, with more stringent requirements on the fineness of the material, you can achieve 6-9mm ultra-fine crushing, and hammer crusher becomes the best choice in a large cement plant.

hammer crusher widely promoted in cement production

As a secondary crushing equipment, hammer crusher has been widely promoted in cement production, a very important reason is that hammer crusher parts design are generally different. The casing wall inlaid with high manganese steel liner, in order to ensure liner wear easily replaced. The material we use on the spindle of high quality alloy steel, which processed by ultrasonic testing to be quenched. The same principle, in order to ensure the crusher wear, reducing maintenance replacement parts, the design of the hammer also spent a great deal of thought. Hammer crusher hammer is the most important accessory, hammerhead quality, shape and material determines the production capacity of cement production line hammer crusher, hammer weight kinetic energy is proportional to the size of the hammer, the hammer The heavier the head, the greater the kinetic energy, the higher the crushing efficiency, the fineness of the cement clinker end higher, to meet the other materials requirements on cement concrete aggregate.

In highway construction, airport construction, dam construction and other industries where have high demands on the material shape, hammer crusher can be the best choice to break ground. SBM experts according to your needs and product characteristics make analyses for hardness, moisture, particle size and provide tailored products and services for your production line.


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