2013, Hohhot Municipal Committee and Municipal Government will build 19 highway construction projects. And continue to promote and highway construction network to further improve the road network and improve overall services.

Aggregate used in highway construction has a high standard. Shape, uniformity, size, and other aspects have strict requirements. As well as the clay on the particles excessive dust generates in crushing operations, and other harmful substances will affects the durability of the asphalt pavement. So in order to get high quality, high cleanliness' mechanism sand, Inner Mongolia sand washing machine is one of the essential equipment.

Inner Mongolia sand washing equipment

Our Inner Mongolia sand washing equipment is designed by our experienced engineers after years of painstaking research. It adopts advanced technology and made of high quality materials. It has a lot of features, such as compact and reasonable structure, stable machine performance, high efficiency, and long life. Quality equipment and a full range of services make our products are widely used in washing, grading, cleaning operations of various industries. At the same time, they make us stand out in many Inner Mongolia sand washing equipment manufacturers.

Our equipment will make improve the quality of your sand to a new level. As a result, your products with the most excellent quality will win a broad market. Welcome to request Inner Mongolia sand washing machine prices online, our products will give you and your customers a satisfactory answer.


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