With the rapid development of Manila's railway and highway and so on, the demand of concrete aggregate is also growing, in the first half of this year, in Guangxi, there has 500 tons per hour of aggregate production line completed, after several months of operation, producing condition is good and profit is extremely impressive, but during its operations, something is wrong with aggregate conveyor, so the reporter interviewed the person who is in charge of this aggregate production line in Philippines, the whole process of the production line is the following.

Initially, this enterprise in order to achieve diversified industrial development, it decided to develop concrete aggregate industry, intends to build aggregate production line of 500 tons per hour, after comparing several vendors, and ultimately, a decision to choose China manufacturer for its whole production line, which mainly include jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, feeder, etc., basically the main equipment provided by the company, in the beginning of time, the entire production line runs fairly stable, but after a short time, there is a problem with the belt conveyor, the belt will be frequent deviation and always has abnormal noises, which gives the production line brought great distress, after consultation with the manufacturer can’t reach a unified opinion, at last, the company decided to re- purchase a professional aggregate belt conveyor, after a friend’s introduction, choose the professional manufacturer from Shanghai, after using the new belt conveyor, it has not appeared the previous issue, which greatly improved the production efficiency of the entire production line, which makes superiors much surprise, and then signed a long-term purchase contract with this Shanghai company, and then decide to purchase machinery equipment from this company and the company will give them a big discount.

Through the analysis of the case, we concluded that aggregate conveying equipment play an important role in the entire production line, it means that saved the whole SBM aggregate production line, so how it is important for the customer to choose the concrete aggregate belt conveyor manufacturers, therefore, when choose the equipment must be cautious, according to your actual needs, don’t blindly purchase.


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