According to the preliminary plan of the Ministry of Railways, a number of important railway lines will be in operation in 2013. In 2013, there is fixed assets investment RMB 650 billion for railway, including infrastructure investment RMB 520 billion.

Sand and gravel aggregate making machine

During the next two years, China will continue to increase investment in railway construction scale of demand. But huge infrastructure consumed lots of resources, as for sand and gravel aggregate, the natural sand cannot meet the needs of infrastructure. Railway and road construction accounted for a large proportion of the country's infrastructure. Due to the shortage of natural sand resources, rail and highway construction need huge volume of manufactured sand. The new round of railway construction boom provides unlimited opportunities with for development of sand making machine.

Sand production line for road construction is the necessary equipment for producing sand and aggregate. In order to avoid increasing the demand for gravel mixed up resulting in poor quality of sand gravel , national standards for construction sand to make a very strict quality requirements, which undoubtedly also sand and road sand making production line and other mechanical equipment the corresponding requirements, such as upgrading production technology , product quality and protection.

VSI5X series of new sand making machine

In recent years, the technology of sand making equipment industry has made great progress. Often used sand production line equipment includes VSI5X series of new sand making machine, VSI crusher, PCL straight impact crusher etc. Depending on production needs, the entire sand production line equipment and technology can be customized, to meet different production requirements, the output of different size and specifications of gravel. Sand production line is with the advantages of high degree of automation, low operating costs, high crushing ratio, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance etc. It produces manufactured sand with national standards for construction, can greatly ease the tight supply problems with building sand and aggregates.

Sand production line equipment provides ample high-quality sand and gravel aggregate for high-speed railway and highway construction, to ensure the smooth construction of high-speed railway. With the accelerating pace of social development, and people's increasing demands for socio-economic information, intelligence , increasing demands efficient, Railway and road construction has entered a peak period, which is not only brought good news to sand making industry, but also new development opportunities for suppliers of road sand production line.


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