Beginning of the year, the Philippines province held a conference about accelerating provincial highway construction. Conference re-adjusted the gold of the highway construction. The total highway mileage increases to 6,800 kilometers from the original target of 6500 kilometers. Highway construction great demands for concrete, the sand volume also increased a lot. So many Guangdong artificial sand production lines were set up. Compared with natural sand, artificial sand has many advantages, such as:

1. Wide range of resources: Unlike natural sand, artificial sand with wide range of resource characteristic, without geographical restrictions.

2. Environment-friendly: The raw materials of artificial sand are various mineral resources and waste resources. So there is no pollution, while improving the utilization of resources.

3. Performance advantages: The gradation of artificial sand is rationale. And it is hard, grain shape can be regulated. So it can improve the performance of concrete, increase its compressive strength and impermeability.

Professional Philippine Sand sand making machine manufacturer

If you want to get high-quality artificial sand, sand making machine is one of the essential equipments. As a professional Philippine Sand sand making machine manufacturer, SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. provides you with the perfect sand making equipment - VSI series sand making machine. It introduced the world's most advanced technology, and improved and optimized according to the actual conditions of Guangdong Province. It is designed to meet customers' different demands for sand. After processed by our VIS Crusher, the finished grain type is uniform and in great gradation. The manufactured sand can increase the compressive strength of concrete and its impermeability, thus improving the overall performance of the concrete.

VSI series sand making machine is an ideal equipment for sand making and shaping in mining areas. It stands out in a number of Philippine sand making machines, has been widely recognized by customers around.


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