Along with the state's policy to encourage the border areas, the government continues to increase the investment in infrastructure. Because the onset of winter, the river of the northern region freezes and the traditional sand making process leading to lower yields gravel. The result is that the sand and gravel supply is not adequate to the demand in many areas.

Dry sand making equipment manufacturers

In this case, a lot of Philippines sand making equipment manufacturers start to think about how to improve the existing production facilities, to ease the contradiction between supply and demand of gravel market. Thus, in Philippines and other border areas, dry sand making technology becoming legal industry favorite. That is the legal name suggests when make artificial sand in this manner, it does not require water to get rid of mud powder. However, we can remove the sand mud powder inside by using separator. Thereby, reducing the mud powder content of artificial sand and ensure the quality and taste of the sand.

From a certain perspective, dry sand making technology has a great advantage. In Philippines region, every winter the river will ice and there are different degrees of reduction for sand production line. Dry process production line is unrestricted of water and environment, which is more widely. Compared with the traditional sand making method, this method saves a lot of water, not only reduces the cost of production, but also achieve environmental results.

Philippines sand making machine

Philippines sand making machine made by SBM, uses patented "rock stone" technology, so that the material under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, and crushed by crash with the material rotating around the cavity to produce high-speed in the form of umbrella. Moreover, the material will crash later, in the formation of a vortex between the impeller and the casing then repeated impact, friction and grinding, greatly reducing the degree of wear on the rotor material, the board hammer.

While crushing the material, the sand making machine can reshaping some flakiness of aggregate shaping to make it more in line with the national standard of construction sand. Thereby, we can make a maximizing utilization of the gravel and sand. It can be used in conjunction with various types of classifiers and effectively promoted the development of dry method sands making technology. This machine received widespread attention in the dry sand legal industry.

The combination of these advantages, when make the choice of equipment, price of Philippines sand maker and its various properties must be co-ordination considerations. Choosing the professional sand making equipment manufacturers will push the frontier region gravel industry achieving better and faster development.


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