In concrete projects, gravel aggregates are essential materials, it has many unique properties such as particle size distribution, content of flakiness, etc., these performance becomes more and more important, so for sand and gravel aggregate grain type requires extremely strict, appeared on the market for 5X sand is used to specialize in ore crushing and shaping, also known ore sand maker, in concrete engineering industry, 5X sand maker especially popular.

MANILA 5X series sand maker machine

As to the grain type of aggregates, Shanghai Shibang conduct a thorough reform of the ore sand maker, two feeding ways to achieve change, the operation is quite simple, using two bulk disk to feed ore particle aggregates type is better, the particle size which produced by general sand maker is not very good, small aperture stones flake rate may even be as high as 100%, however, MANILA 5X series sand maker machine type can be significantly improved, and automation devices make all operations simplified, investors can significantly reduce operating costs.

Everyone knows that professional and good stability equipment can save a lot of costs, and professional iron ore sand maker prompted large development concrete industry is also not surprising, in aggregate gradation, in order to reduce costs and reduce machine wear and tear, fineness modulus sand production is generally above 3.0, but for concrete, the ideal is around 2.6, MANILA artificial sand is the best in two, but some companies do not make this as an indicator, this can’t reflect the advantages of artificial sand. Since 5X series sand maker come into beings, excellent performance has been verified by the customer feedback, "probably increase the throughput about 30%, the machine can have a long operation life which increased 48%, cost is greatly reduced, reaching more than 30%." these series of data sufficient to demonstrate the advantages of 5X sand makers.

Professional MANILA ore sand maker manufacturer

Development of concrete industry in China is particularly conspicuous, with the acceleration of the pace of urbanization, it is also increasingly being required professional MANILA ore sand maker can provide customers with a different experience, a variety of machines are also configured as prepared in this industry, in addition, different companies have different ore sand maker price, when choose the machine, not only depend on the quality of the machine, but should focus on services.


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