Mill is the most widely used grinding equipment at present. The ball mill produced by our company is widely used in mineral processing, electric power, cement and chemical industry. Grinding is relatively large, can be dry or wet grinding, to meet the requirements of continuous production and large-scale production. Wet type and overflow type ball mill are the most used in the mineral processing production.

Product advantage

1 small and medium-sized ball mill with double row roller bearings instead of the traditional sliding bearing, greatly reducing the energy consumption.

2 large ball mill adopts dynamic static pressure or full static pressure bearing.

3 by using air clutch, the starting current is reduced, and the purpose of protecting the motor is achieved.

4 drive form can be used for synchronous motor or asynchronous motor drive.

Equipped with 5 pass and slow lifting device to facilitate maintenance.

6 the use of new wear-resistant materials, greatly improving the service life of wearing parts;

7 optional PLC control system, improve the level of automation control of the mill.

8 kinds of optional parts (cylinder, adjustable torque wrench, mobile feeding vehicle).