The swing of jaw crusher is mainly depended on: the flywheel, the linkage rod, the eccentric shaft and the front and back thrust plate.

The jaw crusher is working, so the flywheel in the operation process of the equipment is working state and the idle state. Therefore, the flywheel motor load and the state of motion is not balanced. In order to make the flywheel motor load evenly, in crusher jaw left fixed jaw plate to the rear of the mobile, the idling state energy storage for crushing machine ore it to release all the energy. When designing the equipment, the flywheel is installed at both ends of the eccentric shaft, and the main purpose is to use the principle of inertia to achieve this purpose.

Usually, it will be a flywheel in the flywheel to install the belt, and there are two large jaw crusher jaw crusher is also a matter of dual-use, will be the two flywheel as a pulley. This simplifies the device's body.

PE Jaw Crusher