Jaw crusher frame is an important part of the equipment, but the rack in the production will appear cracking phenomenon, SBM mainly introduces the jaw crusher frame cracking three reasons.

1.Component is not qualified

During the casting process of the machine frame, there are many defects such as porosity, crack and so on, if the improper welding process or the execution of the process is not strict, the casting defects will cause the frame to crack in the process of using.

If the jaw crusher is not qualified to use the elbow plate, elbow pad, when the rack is subjected to a strong impact of the material, the elbow plate can not be an effective self - broken protection, resulting in the rack cracking phenomenon.

2.Parts loosening

If the rack in the work of a serious beating, then with the jaw crusher between the other parts of the friction caused by friction and rack. The cause may be the installation rack beating foundation is not solid, or flywheel slot position deviation.

Because the jaw crusher is in a state of motion for a long time, if the fixed jaw plate is not firm, the upper and the lower will be moved up and down, and then the frame will be hit.

3.Improper use

Under the condition of long - term overload operation of the jaw crusher, the alternating stress will lead to the generation and diffusion of the crack of the machine frame, which will lead to fatigue failure of the machine frame.

If entering the jaw type crushing machine materials contain hard material such as iron, etc., will cause the machine stuck, and no protection of overload protection device, the frame is bearing the brunt of the damaged.

Jaw type crushing machine frame beams and side welding connection limit the beam of small angle rotation, resulting in cracking stress concentration phenomenon, resulting in the frame of frame beams and side local.

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