Users in the use of the crusher in the process, will inevitably encounter some problems, when the problem occurs, the user should not blindly resolved, the device can read the instructions carefully, you can also consult the relevant professionals, in order to find the cause of the problem, be solved fundamentally. Combined with the user reflect most aspects, SBM organize the approach crusher common problems:

1.The bearing temperature is too high: encountered this problem in production, the user should first check whether the grease has been reduced to 50% of the bearing volume or less, and requiring regular cleaning bearings, replace grease after severe bearing wear timely replacement.

2.The crushing chamber inside the sharp percussion: this is the case, you should immediately turn off the power to stop and clean up the crushing chamber, check for foreign objects into the crushing cavity, crushing cavity if the status is normal, Hongxing Heavy Industries recommends that users check lining fastening plate and the gap between the liner and the hammer, wear-resistant lining is off and so on.

3.The particle size is too large: use for some time, if the crusher product size appears too large, the user should be adjusted before and after the impact rack space or replace badly worn liner plates hammer; or adjust the impact rack position, so that both sides can achieve a relatively racks lining clearance to ensure that the particle size.

4.The flip belt: the belt itself, poor quality or improper assembly prone to this problem, so be sure to choose the quality of qualified belt installation in accordance with reasonable method to adjust the belt pulley on the same plane.

5.Abnormal vibration: When replacing or assembling the board hammer, the rotor is not well balanced, you should reinstall the board hammer, the rotor balance correction, in order to reduce the impact crusher vibration intensity at work.

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