Because impact crusher is fine ore processing, generally used for secondary crushing, the broken material size requirements are more stringent.

In the crushing production line, stone first after jaw crusher is the first simple crushing, and then by impact crusher to further broken, the bulk material change for fine particle materials and counterattack type crusher discharging granularity size is determined by the distance between the hammer head and the impact plate. Counterattack crusher, material mainly by the rotor hammer and material occurs multiple collisions, then reflected to the back plate again collide broken, crushed particle diameter less than last counterattack plate and hammerheads gap width, will from the voids in the fall, is discharged from the discharging port, the finally obtained is we need the product. As a result, want to change the material fineness, between the hammer head and the impact plate by changing the distance to achieve.

Impact crusher of particle size can flexible control, so it is used in many industries, such as mining industry, cement industry, coal industry, building materials industry can be according to their own needs, the distance between the appropriate changes in the hammer head and the impact plate to adjust the broken particle size.

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