Crusher is a kind of with a ring of the impact of the rotor type crushing machine, broken ring sling in with the rotor with rotating suspension shaft, broken ring with the rotor rotating impact motion, but also around the suspended shaft spin motion; crushing process is accomplished by crushing rings of the two sections of the work. When the material enters the crushing chamber, the first section of the broken ring is broken. In the second section, falls on the sieve plate of primary crushing particles by the broken ring extrusion further breaking through sieve discharge. A small amount of material that can not be broken into the waste chamber, and then removed from the waste chamber at regular intervals.

Working principle

Ring hammer crusher is a kind of impact crusher with ring hammer. Material enters the crusher, first of all, with the impact of the rotor high-speed rotation of the ring hammer broken, broken material also from the ring hammer gains kinetic energy, high speed toward the crushing plate, by the secondary crushing, and then fall into the sieve surface, by ring hammer shear, extrusion, grinding, as well as the material and the material between the interaction is further broken, discharge through the sieve, cannot be broken debris into the rear of the collector, cleared on a regular basis.


Crusher is mainly used in coal-fired power plants, as the result of a boiler with coal is usually not through the classification of coal, coal particle size mostly do not accord with the requirement of coal boiler, the need to be broken, so the coal conveying system in coal-fired power plants to set the mill, the crushing coal into a certain granularity, in order to satisfy the boiler combustion.

Ring hammer crusher, the most suitable for crushing all kinds of brittle materials, such as coal, coal, coke, slag, red sandstone, shale, loose limestone, etc.. Material compressive strength is not more than 100MPa, surface water is not more than 15%. The device can adjust the gap according to the user's requirements, and change the size of the material to meet the different needs of different users.

Hammer crusher to water demanding, the hammer broken coal, following a sieve plate, greater than the requirements to broken, less than that of the screening into the boiler.

Toothed roll crusher: use two motors respectively drive belt on both sides of the crusher wheel on the two teeth and do the opposite movement, with two toothed roll gap material automatically fall, than to broken, than the hammer to power and environmental protection, and not too crashed, to water no any request, any time are full output.

Product features

1.Product design process simplification, crushing and screening of a complete, high crushing efficiency.

2.Less noise, less dust, low energy consumption, a wide range of broken, can be broken water containing larger materials.

3.Product design with a machine, the crusher comes with three filter, no block of coal, the size of the material can be adjusted.

4.In situ operation or centralized control.


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