Iron ore is an important raw material for the production of iron and steel enterprises, natural minerals (iron ore) after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, gravity concentration process gradually selected iron. Contain iron or iron compounds to mineral aggregate economic utilization.

The ore that contains the economic use of the iron ore is called the iron ore. There are many kinds of iron ore, used for iron smelting mainly has MagnetITe (Fe3O4), Hematite (Fe2O3) and Siderite (FeCO3), etc..


MagnetITe is a kind of iron oxide ore, the main component is Fe3O4, is Fe2O3 and FeO complex, black and gray, the proportion of about 5.15, including Fe72.4%, O 27.6%, with magnetic. In the mineral processing (Beneficiation) using magnetic separation method, processing is convenient; but the fine structure because of, so is reduced is poor. After a long period of weathering, the red iron ore.


Hematite is also a kind of iron oxide ore, the main component is Fe2O3, dark red, the proportion of about 5.26, including Fe70%, O 30%, is the most important iron ore. By its own structure can be divided into many different categories, such as hematite SPEcularhematite, Red, hematite Micaceous, Ocher Red, etc..


This is the Limonite containing iron ore. It is HFeO2 Goethite and FeO LepidoCRocite (OH) two kinds of different structure of the ore, it is also the main

Chemical composition of type written mFe2O3.nH2O, yellowish brown or brown, containing approximately 62% of the Fe, O 27%, 11% H2O, accounted for about 3.6 ~ 4.0, mostly attached to the presence of other iron ore.


Siderite is a mineral containing ferrous carbonate, the main component of FeCO3, showing a blue gray, the proportion of about 3.8. This kind of ore contains a lot of calcium salt and magnesium salt. As a result of carbonate in the high temperature of about 800 ~ 900 Deg. C will absorb a lot of heat and release carbon dioxide, so most of us put this kind of ore roasting is added after the blast furnace.

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