Generally speaking, crushing machine direction of rotation is where you stand by to view a set, in the face of the feed inlet, at the outlet of right, should be clockwise. The distance between hammer and sieve not fixed can root out the material thickness adjustment, the greater the distance between the discharging more coarse, anti material discharging fine.

And different types of crusher rotary are slightly to have the difference, such as the direction of rotation of jaw crusher is standing in the feeding mouth look, and the movable jaw from the top downward turn. Counterattack broken rotation direction is the direction of rotation of the hammer head toward the back plate.

In the era of rapid economic development in China, the market for jaw crusher and other products of the surge in demand, jaw crusher in the focus on production, but also to pay attention to quality. Production requirement is high, quality is guaranteed at the same time. This is the machine that the customer needs. Jaw crusher according to the different material and broken granularity standard to choose the right equipment and for the need to medium grained stone crushing tend to choose jaw crusher, the work by two jaw plate of material for compression and bending effects of various hardness material crushing and fine crushing. Choose energy efficient, low energy consumption of the jaw crusher can often get twice the result with half the effort in the production process of the effect, can maximum reduce the production cost, production efficiency, in the efficiency and quality of security they create jaw crusher equipment. In order to ensure that the impact crusher is better in the production line in the production of continuous operation, the service life of the equipment, the user should carry out regular maintenance and maintenance.

Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. Hubei type are very high requirements on the wear resistance of the crushing machine, general selection of materials for high manganese steel lining board. The machine, the crushing cavity inside two jaw plate (steel) counterattack hammer crusher, a jaw plate is fixed also called (jaw), it is above end slightly outward side tilt) fixed in the crushing cavity wall, another jaw plate is back and forth our activities commonly known as (moving jaw), also known as the jaw tongue, inclined position, just with the fixed jaw plate formation a ladder on the crushing cavity (cavity). Activity of the jaw plate in front of the fixed jaw plate of crush zone rub reciprocating motion, Tianshui crusher, and then separate, and then close. Two jaw plates separate, the material immediately into the crushing cavity, this time, has broken the product discharged from the bottom of the machine crushing; when the two jaw plate by together, into the crushing cavity material by two jaw plate extrusion with the rubbing force, thus the material of bending and fracturing and the material crushing. To carry out the whole process of crushing material.

SBM as a responsible person, the credibility of large crushing and screening equipment manufacturing enterprises, the company attaches great importance to the improvement of the scientific and technological content of products and enhance the benefit of energy conservation and environmental protection, in the basis at the same time in order to improve their own scientific and technological research and development capabilities, new jaw crusher, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and domestic colleges and universities cooperation and other methods to improve the overall quality of the products. To achieve the strict checks on product development and innovation, quality products, reasonable prices, quality service is your sincere cooperation with the premise we are willing to work with you to join hands to seek common development, create a better future. Welcome new and old customers to buy!

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