SHANGHAI SHIBANG MACHINERY CO., LTD engaged in research and development of crushing equipment for more than 20 years, has accumulated a lot of work experience, the following for the user to introduce how to improve the performance of the stone crusher.

Grain shape control: a new type of high performance stone crusher production line need to shape control. We use the incentive type of computer control system for particle shape control. The benefits of this approach are very autonomous and automated. Grain shape does not meet the requirements, it is absolutely impossible to fine crushing cavity, beneficial, stone crushing machine advantage which when there is some cavity adjustment operation, due to the use of fully automatic sensor installation, on the maximum save manpower cost.

Two, cavity design improvements: in the cavity design, a cavity to streamline the structure requires us to the size of the control can be done just right. Not all particle size control theory can be applied to. In the design of the working chamber of the sand making machine. After comparing the excellent manufacturing process, we found that the U cavity of the stone crusher is the most suitable for this kind of production needs.

Third, crushing the improvement of the selection process of the cavity: in the crushing cavity of the selection process, and not narrow and makes the material can stop the time length of the crushing chamber in which can promote the stone crusher effective operation of sand. And requires us to compare the time determination of the most time consuming steps in the whole process. Under normal circumstances, in the case of medium and low yield, we choose the design of the 2-3 cavity, and in the case of high yield, we choose even the cavity of the 1 chamber of the compact design.

Four, feeding device settings on the improvement: in the stone crusher feeding device settings, the spiral structure of the exploration of stone crusher must adopt a more unified process specification. The grain size difference in feeding is reduced to the minimum. Under such conditions, once the stone crusher will be very high speed, and with the increase of the inertia force, the flow will be very high.

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