Stone crushing machine vibration feeder users in the working process of the possible overheating of bearing. Most of the non professionals may encounter this kind of situation are helpless, in the face of such problems we need to calm analysis of the proposed corresponding measures, fundamentally solve the problem. The following paper will introduce the reason of stone crusher vibration feeder bearing heating and solving measures.

One, stone crusher motor or load rotation part of the reason is too large. Solution: bearing and motor surface are serious heat, vibration, the operation can be heard "rub", "rub" sound, indicates that the motor stator and rotor phase rub, the motor needs to be repaired in time.

Two, stator and rotor phase rub reasons. Solution: both ends of the motor bearings are heating phenomenon, vibration. If the load is the wind, the sound of the wind leaves is not uniform, and change with the change of the speed. If the bearing overheating, vibration is too large, the need to remove the motor inspection and repair.

Three, the two ends of the bearing assembly is not parallel reasons. Solution: stone crusher motor at both ends of the bearing while the heat, vibration, noise. After the shutdown, pulled by hand rotating part more difficult. Check the end cap bolts are loose, the anchor bolts are loose. After tightening, if there is still serious heat bearing, the motor must be checked and re assembled.

Four, the reasons for poor ventilation. Solutions: stone crushing machine vibration feeding machine bearing heating, but vibration and noise are no exception, check the ends of motor, obstacles impeding the ventilation.

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