Stone crusher in the production process, there have been problems, check to check it is nothing more than that a few reasons, such as maintenance is not in place, the operation is not standardized, etc.. The following will give you a detailed analysis of the factors leading to the failure of the stone crusher.

First, the use of problems.

Again good stone crusher are not users tinkering, and some users in order to increase the production capacity, often regardless of the capacity of the machine to work overload, or is running for a long time, or is each broken too much. Continuously for a long time, stone crushing machine parts will be subject to severe wear, the speed of aging will be greatly improved, the consumed electric energy will also increase. This is very detrimental to the crushing effect and safety of personnel.

Two, the operation of the problem.

Stone crusher operation needs to be carried out by professionals, at least to go through professional training. But the reality is, now the operator in the technology that literacy has a certain lack, which directly resulted in the operation process will appear some problems. For example, the inspection before the start of the machine is not in place, resulting in the operation of the process is not flexible enough, or broken cavity blockage, etc.. Or the use of the specification is not in accordance with the specification of the correct use of equipment, making its work efficiency is low, and the output value is not ideal, and so on. These have greatly hindered the play of the value of the equipment.

Three, maintenance problems.

After the use of stone crusher should be promptly carried out maintenance, which is to ensure its working state and to extend the time of the use of stone crusher important steps. In the daily use, we often only pay attention to its benefits, while ignoring the maintenance of the maintenance of the work behind the benefits. For use in the process of those worn, loose or damaged parts, if not timely inspection and repair, replacement, it is very easy for the late use of buried security risks.