The main object of stone crusher is crushing ore, periclase, quartz stone, gravel, limestone, phosphate rock. But the material of different materials are not the same, in the face of different materials, choose a suitable specification of the stone crusher can effectively improve the production efficiency of the broken production line. So what are the factors that affect the material of the stone crusher?

Material hardness: the hardness of the material more, crushing capacity is reduced accordingly, the material crushing and sand ability has great influence. Therefore, the choice of purchase stone broken machine must according to the fracture characteristics of the material purchase.

Second, the viscosity of the material: the viscosity of the material more and more easily adhesion, high viscosity material in the stone crushing machine will adhesion in the inner wall of the crushing cavity, if not promptly cleared, the serious influence on stone machine work efficiency, serious will also affect the stone crusher of the normal work of the broken. Therefore, in the choice of materials, we must pay attention to the viscosity of the material can not be too large.

Three, material humidity: that is, when the material moisture content is larger, the material in the stone crusher is easy to adhere to, but also easy to plug in the process of feeding, resulting in reducing the production of sand. To solve this problem, first of all, in the selection of materials to strictly control the material temperature. If the temperature of the material selection is too large, sunshine or airing way is adopted to reduce the percentage of water in the material.

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