Jaw type crushing machine draw rod of the eccentric shaft device to cause damage to the bracket, bracket lost support, after the failure of the spring rod, bracket from the brace blocks slide, jaw type crushing machine bracket because of large work load, the toggle plate fracture, a particle size can not be adjusted, jaw broken machine downtime.

Solution to the failure of the flywheel of jaw crusher

Check flywheel connection key, found loose or damaged to timely repair and processing, to ensure that the sub - wheel and eccentric shaft synchronous operation, the equipment can be normal operation of the broken operation. Jaw crusher equipment is intermittent work crushing machinery, so the energy load is not balanced, jaw crusher eccentric shaft is installed flywheel, flywheel in jaw crusher machine has good static balance function can be stored energy transformation flywheel driven eccentric shaft in operation, but the flywheel will appear some problems, or is associated with the flywheel equipment components can not be normal operation.

Machine in the use process, component failure, damage to the phenomenon is very normal of, but jaw broken machine wheel failure is most, frequent, serious influence to the construction progress, the following introduce jaw crusher machine flywheel on the matters needing attention.

The attention of the flywheel before the start of the machine

See jaw crusher before starting the machine should note the wheel shell is cracking, tensioning sleeve whether the loosening of the phenomenon, as should be replaced immediately; and the check of the flywheel contact surface is clean and free of debris, and ensure everything is correct, start-up, operation.

The attention of the flywheel in the machine operation

In the process of running notice observation wheel swing is abnormal, when the flywheel abnormal swing and staff to immediately stop the operation of equipment, the jaw type crusher maintenance. Most of the cause of the flywheel anomaly is because of jaw crusher in crushing work, the stone rolled into the wheel inside wheel, flywheel groove wheel shell damage or cracking caused by, the flywheel of the strange, proposed to increase the machine fly wheel groove guard timely replacement of an eccentric shaft, a fly wheel groove.

The attention of the flywheel after the end of the machine

Jaw crusher to be broken after the work, should pay attention to fly to do a detailed examination of the fly. Therefore machine working environment is relatively poor, and the nature of the work of the special, very easy to cause the fly wheel and the belt wheel connected bond loose or broken, moreover flywheel wear phenomenon occurs, when these conditions occur should be dealt with immediately, so that next time use at the time of the accident; and an operator do detailed records of all of the flywheel, the handover of the work.

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