Located in the Western Pacific island chain, complex geological structure. The area is one of the earth's lithosphere is one of the most complicated tectonic active area, due to the impact by adjacent to the Western Pacific shell, India and Australia shell interaction since the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Asian continental margin expansion, since the late Cretaceous goes strong large scale tectonic magmatic activities, and become the main place and island arc volcanism related to hydrothermal activity.

The special geological environment determines the Philippines is rich in mineral resources, to find ore potential is tremendous, and types of metallic ore deposits belong to and basic - ultrabasic rocks related to magmatic chromium and nickel deposits, and with intermediate acidic volcanic rocks and subvolcanic rocks related to the porphyry type and massive sulfide deposits and shallow low temperature hydrothermal gold ore bed and weathered sediments laterite type nickel, aluminum ore.

Regional ore controlling structure is a large fault in Philippines, which is near to the north and south. The ore controlling structure is mainly the fault structure and the volcanic mechanism in the mining area.

Gold deposit mainly on the belt and cut caused by magmatic activities, and component from the rhyolite, dacite andesite alkaline calcium is related to a high potassium calc alkaline volcanic and sub volcanic rock lithology, volcanic apparatus, faults and and hydrothermal activity is related to the fracture system is metallogenic fluid activity and favorable sites for precipitation, they controlled the emplacement space of deposit.

The porphyry related deposits are mainly massive sulfide copper gold deposits, which are often shallow low temperature hydrothermal gold deposits. Structure of a magmatic belt along the north and South direction.

Lateritic bauxite is rich in ore-forming elements in aluminum rocks and karst depression. Weathered broken aluminum basic rock were transported to a nearby karst depression, tropical marine monsoon climate with hot and humid environment of the vegetation development, growth of microorganisms, microbial corrosion rock produce organic acid a weak continuous leaching depression deposits, the silicon activation, migration and accumulation of iron and aluminum in formation of lateritic bauxite trihydrate.

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