River sand depletion, the ban on logging forbidden to dig, river gravel sand is more and more popular, the mechanism of sand by alternatives become marketable goods, different allocation schemes, the most reasonable configuration is crushing with jaw crusher, crushing cone break (small yield usable fine jaw crusher), sand with efficient shaft impact breaking (VSI5X sand making machine) of three broken. So, why not choose to fight back as broken, hammer or breaking of the roller as a system of sand allocation scheme?

This is due to the characteristics of stone materials, the working principle of the equipment and the quality of the finished product. Counterattack crusher and hammer type crusher adopts hammer crusher, due to cobble high hardness, silicon content is higher, will aggravate wear of flat hammer and hammerhead. Hammer of a class to be replaced, plate hammer also insisted however 80 hours so that the replacement parts for a long time, low production efficiency, production cost is high; the most important is, with a hammer to break or on and breaking process of sand will seriously affect the mechanism of sand gradation and particle type (flakiness more), mixing station is difficult to accept, affect the overall economic benefits.

Therefore, we use the broken + cone broken + VSI5X sand making machine of the three level of fragmentation program. Cone crusher is crushing type, VSI5X sand making machine adopts stone hit stone principle, wear-resistant parts long life, equipment maintenance time is short, greatly improve the equipment's use cycle, to ensure a higher yield. At the same time, the output of refined mechanism sand type is good, uniform particle size, gradation and reasonable to widely used in highway, high speed railway, hydroelectric dams, airport construction, concrete mixing stations and other areas.

mechanism sand allocation scheme.jpg