Nonmetallic mineral resources is an important source of Philippines construction, agriculture and electricity. Limestone is the Philippines largest reserves of non-metallic mineral, found in all over, reserves of 290 million tons, accounting for non - metallic mineral reserves of 5 7%; marble reserves to 85 million tons, accounting for 16.7% of the non - metallic mineral reserves; reserves of coal resources in the Philippines is not high and poor quality, mainly aggregates used in Suriago and Zamboanga del Norte province; phosphate rock is mainly located in the Lligan; silicon mineral in Zamboangadel Norte province; in Davao nearby found in the world's largest magnesium mine.

Non metal mining is the most active part of the local mining industry in Philippines, mainly including the construction of sand, stone, cement and coal mining. Since the early 80's, in addition to the individual years, the output and output value of non-metallic mineral industry maintained a steady growth. Since 1995, due to the vigorous development of the domestic construction industry in the Philippines, a sharp increase in the demand for sand, stone, cement and other building materials, making the output of these three kinds of mineral products is greatly improve, 2002 Philippine cement output reached 13.4 million T, non metal mine Department of the overall production value also has a few years of high growth, once accounted for 54% of the mining output to 59%. 

Coal is an important energy resource in Philippines. With the development of Philippines's economy, the demand for coal is increasing. Since 2000, the annual demand for coal in the Philippines is more than 8 million T, reaching 8 million 500 thousand T in 2002. The Philippine coal production has always been around 1 million 300 thousand T per year, the highest production year in 2002 production is only about t, the demand for coal by a large number of imports to solve the gap, in 2002 Philippines coal imports amounted to 5 million 930 thousand T.

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