Copper ore resources 

In the Philippines metal mineral, copper reserves of 48 tons, accounting for 67.5% of the total reserves of the metal ore. The Philippines copper deposit is dominated by the porphyry copper deposit, which is distributed all over the country. The main producing copper Zambales mountains in the North Luzon, BAL: Benguet, Nueva Viscaya and southern Surigao del Norte, Davao, Davao Oriental. Geological prospecting work shows that there are still a large number of copper deposits and copper deposits in Philippines. Recently, the Western Australian mining company announced in South Cotabato found world-class copper gold deposit, it is estimated that copper reserves 1044.2 million tons, gold reserves 227-369 tons, with a total value of at least $100-200 billion; the feasibility study report of Climax-Arimco mining company shows, in Nueva Vizcaya Dinkidi copper project, copper ore reserves of more than 17 million tons.

Gold ore resources 

The Philippines gold deposit is in the form of complex ore and impact. The main mining areas are Baguio, Paracale, Masbate, Surigao and Masara. Geological experts research thinks, according to the geological characteristics of the Philippines, the largest and richest gold deposit is likely to contain in the Philippines, close to the natural force of dislocation area, the recent gold exploration work has been to shallow storage area development. An Australian prospector firms on the island of Rapu-Rapu discovered reserves of more than 600 million tons of gold - copper, silver, gold per ton of ore 3 grams, 37 grams of silver; 1.46% of copper content, zinc content of 2.33%. (Yin Tongchang and gold, copper, is the production of gold, copper, Deputy products. 

Nickel ore resources 

Philippines nickel ore total reserves of about 10.9 tons, accounting for 15.5% of the total reserves of metal mine. Which has proven reserves of 10.2 million tons, accounting for total nickel ore reserves of 93.72%, the average quality range in the 0.23%-2.47%; reserves 56.3 million tonnes, representing 5.17%, quality in 0.36%-1.24%; may reserves of 12.1 million tons, quality in 0.23%-2.27% (Note: total reserves for proven reserves, reserves and possible reserves). Philippines nickel mine is high nickel content of bauxite, mostly in shallow soil, easy exploitation and low cost. Nickel is concentrated in Davao Oriental and Palawan, reserves were 475.7 million tons, accounting for the total reserves of 43.69%) and 4.071 billion tons (accounting for the total reserves of 37.38%). Other provinces with large nickel deposits also have del Norte Surigao and Zambales. Norway Mindex ASA prospecting, exploration in the proposed that total reserves for 225 million tons (dry weight) of the nickel and the nickel content of 1%, cobalt content of 0.1%. (cobalt is usually associated with nickel, is an important by-product of the production of nickel.)

Chrome iron ore resources 

Chromium iron ore mainly exists in Dinagat island of Zambales and del Norte Surigao province. The size of the scale of the size of the chromium iron ore, the larger the size of the chromium ore reserves in millions of tons. Zambales Coto chromite is believed to be the largest known reserves of refractory ore in the world.

In addition, Philippines bauxite resources are very rich. Bauxite resources are mainly concentrated in the eastern Visayas region Samar, estimated geological reserves of 2.42 million tons, average content of Al2O3 to 40.80%, with a total value of about $21 billion.

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