Philippines unique geographical environment and geological conditions, so that it has a relatively small area with a rich natural mineral resources, in the world of mineral resources and reserves occupies an important position. According to the data of the Philippine National Bureau of Geology and mining, in the calculation of mineral reserves per unit area, gold reserves of the Philippines ranks third in the world, copper reserves ranks fourth in the world, nickel ore reserves ranks fifth in the world, chrome ore reserves ranking sixth in the world. There are only 13 kinds of metallic minerals and 29 kinds of non metallic minerals in the current proven reserves.

In recent years, the Philippine government according to the needs of national economic development, vigorously promote the reform of mining, the foster prosperity and development and the competitive system of modern mining mining industry revival plan, hope by the revival of the Philippine mining to attract more mining investment and create employment opportunities, increase government revenue, reduce poverty, promote economic growth. 

Philippines has many world-class high quality mineral resources, mineral resources are huge, widely distributed. According to data released by the National Mining Bureau of Philippines in 1996, Philippines metal ore reserves of 7 billion 100 million tonnes, 51 billion tonnes of non-metallic mineral reserves. Luzon in the northern Philippines BAL: Benguet Province, Zambales Province, Marinduque; Central Visayas Samar, Negros Occidental province; west of Palawan area and southern Mindanao Surigao del Norte Province, Davao Province, Davao Oriental Province, Zamboanga del Norte province are is important mineral district. 

Philippines mineral resources are mainly divided into precious metal ore, iron ore, base metal ore, fertilizer, industrial minerals, precious stones and decorative stones, such as six categories. According to the needs of economic development and limitation of mining conditions and other factors, currently only choice of mined ore in the gold, chromium, nickel, copper and non-metallic mineral phosphate ore, guano, clay, dolomite, feldspar, limestone, marble, perlite, silica, stone, sand, salt, diorite, such as serpentinite. 

Philippines's main metal ore products are sold directly to the original ore (ORES) and the crushing, washing, drying, classification and other processing of concentrate products (CONCENTRATE). Non-metallic mineral products are in accordance with the requirements of different technical indicators on the market, processing and processing.

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