River gravel sand reasonable process, in considering the investment cost of the project at the same time broken, also cannot be ignored the production cost of the production line. Considering to the high hardness of river gravel inevitable of jaw plate, plate hammer, impact plate wear parts caused by high loss, and in the process of design, we recommend lamination principle of crushing equipment selection, to reduce the wear parts of loss. The typical laminated device configuration is two plus or broken jaw crusher jaw crusher. If the customer for the final stone tablets have higher requirements, we suggest that the configuration of a sand machine for plastic crushing, so as to form a three section of the broken process configuration. Three fragmentation will inevitably lead to increased investment costs of the project, but for the long term operation of the sand mill, the three section of the production costs of the reduction is very substantial.

For such as river gravel difficult broken stone materials, also can use jaw crusher and impact crusher of two-stage crushing process, but this will inevitably lead to counterattack broken plate hammer losses are higher, plate hammer short life, anti material proportion is high, actually increased the cost of production.

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River gravel sand processing machine