Calcium carbonate is pure white powder, with non-toxic, no odor composition and stability characteristics, is an important inorganic non metal materials, industrial products is also an important fillers and additives. Nano calcium carbonate is known as the minerals in the noble products, is the industry consensus with high tech content, high added value and high profit of inorganic filler. Due to the nano particles of calcium carbonate ultrafine, its crystal structure and surface electronic structure change, ordinary calcium carbonate are not some quantum size effect, small size effect, surface effect and the macroscopic quantum effect. Using nano calcium carbonate as organic polymer toughening reinforcing material, not only fill the role and can improve product strength and other properties. Therefore, since the 80s of the 20th century since the advent of the, nano calcium carbonate in the scope of application of Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries continue to expand, increasing the dosage, commercial application prospect very attractive.

Throughout the domestic nanometer calcium carbonate industry, industry concentration is low, the enterprise structural contradictions highlight, the existence of a large number of enterprises, the average capacity is too small, backward production technology, processing equipment is poor, serious environmental pollution and other issues. The most obvious is the repeated construction, excess capacity, a serious shortage of operating rates, the decline in economic efficiency. Therefore, the adjustment of industrial structure, the transformation and upgrading of the calcium carbonate industry in 12th Five-Year, the first task, which is to encourage the development of a policy focus on energy saving and environmental protection of new nano calcium carbonate.

In recent years, China non metallic ore crushing grading equipment development soon, technology is gradually enhanced, a series with independent intellectual property rights of technology available and realize industrialization, rapid increase in the domestic calcium carbonate and the level of technology and quality, production capacity has been expanded, completely changed the situation of dependence on imports of domestic high quality calcium carbonate. In order to meet the demand for more industry, to keep up with the pace of economic development, Shanghai World State Research and development to create a large non-metal ore milling equipment - vertical superfine mill, the machine due to Shanghai Shibang powder engineers in persistent pursuit and innovation, many advantages gathered to make it the same kind of products in the market have incomparable advantages, in the market has a considerable competitive edge. Vertical ultra-fine mill equivalent power output high, stable operation, high product quality and high environmental protection, greatly improve the operational efficiency of customers, for small and medium enterprises to win more market opportunities.

SBM has been working on scientific and technological innovation, stand in the forefront of the development of the industry, to accumulate the influence of forging a crushing grinding equipment collar army brand value, vertical superfine grinding reason to win the customer's praise, in the final analysis is the efficiency of conventional optimization mainly through improving the grinding efficiency, reduce operating costs to achieve, and vertical superfine grinding not only in the efficiency of the traditional optimization performance good, also the non production time and quality as a breakthrough to enhance the efficiency of the. A large number of unique design is to complete the continuous operation of the reliable protection. Roller bearing with thin oil lubrication to ensure bearing working under the low temperature and the oil clean conditions; the unique hydraulic station system, can shorten the grinding roller replacement and repair time; equipped with automatic control device, realize the remote control operation, enable customers bid farewell to the process of complex maintenance.

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Calcium carbonate mills