Stone crusher general as ore crushing the first break, stone crusher of fineness is adjustable, so the user can according to the requests of the granularity of broken stone equipment adjustment, adjustment of the specific way, the following will teach you how to adjust the stone crushing fineness.

1.A setting plate adjusting device: setting plate adjusting device of the principle is that the role of the thrust bearing plate back into a group of adjusting shim plate, when the plate number or thickness, thrust plate or migration or backward, to regulate the discharge outlet width. This regulation device has the advantages of simple structure, compact, the weight of the whole machine increases not much. Therefore, very suitable for large and medium-sized jaw broken stone used is a high discrimination stress adjustment device.

2.An electric adjusting mechanism, can very quickly and effectively realize stone crusher adjusting and testing work, can in microcirculation acquisition using stroke change makes the adjusting mechanism to automatically reply to stress induction. Under the action of this kind of regulation mode, the stone crushing opportunity becomes very sensitive, and the control of particle size series will be more and more precise. After the initial cycle of the cycle, the adjustment will gradually increase, and in the end to achieve a balanced state. Through the hydraulic control of the balance torque rod can drive the opening size of jaw plate, and then to a certain extent, to avoid the possibility of repetitive work, and provides the maximum degree of discrimination and accuracy.

3.The use of oblique iron aided adjustment: oblique iron is used to adjust the exhaust outlet width, bolt or worm gear or chain transmission device, the use of the oblique iron lifting and anterior oblique iron installed in the guide grooves of the two side walls of the frame, only horizontal movement. When the wedge is mentioned, because cant relationship between the anterior oblique iron move along the guide groove; the thrust plate and the movable jaw is followed forward, feeding port width decreases. On the contrary, the width of the discharge opening is increased when the rear inclined iron is decreased. Stone crusher manufacturers take the lead in using inclined iron as an auxiliary method of application in practice, and get the user's consistent affirmation, because this kind of adjustment device can realize stepless regulation, also do not have to stop the adjustment.

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Adjust the crushing fineness of the stone crusher