In the Philippines metal mineral, copper reserves of 48 tons, accounting for 67.5% of the total reserves of the metal ore. According to reports, the country has 134 tons of copper per square kilometer, fourth in the world. 2002 Philippines environmental and natural resources of the Ministry of mineral resources and the Earth Science Bureau of Philippines has 53 tons of copper.

The Philippines copper deposit is dominated by the porphyry copper deposit, which is distributed all over the country. The main producing copper Zambale in the mountains of northern Luzon, BAL: Benguet, Nueva Viscaya and Surigao del Norte, Davao, Davao Oriental.

Geological prospecting work shows that there are still a large number of copper deposits and copper deposits in Philippines. Such as Tampakan in the large area of Southern Mindanao copper gold deposit is expected to contain 18 million 750 thousand tons of copper and 454 tons of gold. Recently, the Australian Western Mining Co announced the discovery of the world class copper gold mine in Cotabato South, an estimated copper reserves of 200 million tons, gold reserves of 227-369 tons, with a total value of at least 100-200 billion. Feasibility study report Climax-Arimco Mining Co., Ltd., in Nueva - Davis Kaya Dinkidi copper project, copper ore reserves of more than 17 million tons; Anglo American Corporation of South Africa and the Philippines philex's set up a joint venture company, plans to develop the South North special in dishes of the boyongan copper estimated ore reserves of about 2.19 million tons.

Philippines province Cebu copper mine mainly concentrated in the town of toledo. The Toledo copper mine was once the largest copper mine in Southeast Asia. Prior to 1994, Atlas unified mining development group in this mining, has been mined copper ore 8.63 tons, 6.34 tons of refined refined copper, copper content of 0.41%. In 1994, the mine was closed due to a decline in the price of a typhoon and metal, but there are still 8.74 tons of copper ore remaining. At present, the company has scrape up to $100 million of funds to re mining is expected each year to 17.5 million tons of copper concentrate production, including about 6 million tons of copper.

Other proven copper mine areas are: Sinsin and Sudlon, and Biga and Kanapnapan, Pansol, Maypay, Matugan. Copper concentrations in these areas ranged from 0.15% to 1.32%.

In the 1980s, had copper mining in the Tony Philippine province of gro area of Basay Maglinao village, the copper content 0.14%-0.56%, currently has to stop mining. The Bayawan region of Magting village and Tayawan village have shown the sampling analysis of copper, copper content 0.14%-0.28%. Jose Siapo area of San village proved to have 506 hectares of mining area, copper content of 12.18%-36.40%.

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Characteristics of copper resources in Philippines